Vermin Control Melbourne

Feral animals in Victoria are becoming increasingly problematic. Damage to live stock, vegetation, natural species and the transfer of disease are all large contributors to economic and environmental loss. When treating these types of issues you need to careful with the implementation of the reduction solution, or the flow on effect could be worse than the original problem. 

Melbourne Turf and Landscapes have been achieving exceptional results, using a variety of techniques for vermin control including; rabbits, foxes, cats, dogs and goats. etc. 

Our process extends to also include;  

  • Dingos
  • Ferreting
  • Fumigation and compaction
  • Long Netting
  • Poisons
  • Ripping
  • Shooting

A Control Program can be a significant part of your profit strategy, if you’re working in the farming sector or if you’re in urban areas, it may become a safety issue for you and your family. 

As part of our commitment, we'll give you a free assessment of your requirement and prepare a plan to move forward. Melbourne Turf and Landscapes are happy to work on a 'contract' or an ‘as required’ basis. 

To learn more or discuss your needs further, contact us and be sure to ask about our best Price Guarantee.