Slashing Melbourne

Cutting large areas of grass can be time consuming and dangerous if you don’t have the correct equipment for the job. Many people hack away at their 1 acre plus blocks with smaller mowers that are not up to the task. The result is you’re worn out and have over extended your equipment, which may result in failure or injury. Peace of mind comes from when you have your Bushfire Prevention Strategy in place, reducing fire risk and having the surrounds looking great.

Melbourne Turf and Landscapes have a range of commercial machines and a team of trained staff who specialise in managing your slashing needs.

Our capabilities extend to; 

  • An average from 1 acre to 1,000 acres
  • Broad acre lawn mowing
  • Bushfire prevention
  • Commercial areas
  • Fire breaks
  • House blocks
  • Industrial estates
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Roadside mowing and slashing


We can tailor a timed program allowing you to conveniently schedule or randomly have a large block, up to a farm slashed. The result is you’ll have the time to do the things you enjoy, with the peace of mind knowing industry professionals are doing the job for you.

We’re happy to catch up and discuss your requirements, as we need to fully understand the scope of the works involved and be able to suggest effective solutions on how you can effectively maintain your area and the specific timings.

Feel welcome to contact us and ask about Melbourne Turf and Landscapes Price Guarantee.