Herbicide Application / Spraying

The old saying goes ‘prevention is better than the cure’, and the same can be said for weed control and pest eradication. Melbourne Turf and Landscapes are specialists in herbicide application and spraying. 

Some factors to remember when choosing a company to spray for you are; they need to have strict safety procedures, as herbicides can be dangerous if not handled in the correct manner. All of our staff are experienced and qualified to be using the relevant herbicides. We also insist all staff have and wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and use JSA (Job Safety Analysis). We adhere to strict internal quality procedures and have the relevant licensing to make the job legal. 

Spray image.jpg

All of the chemicals we use are recommended, tough and effective on weeds, friendly on the environment and cost effective to use. 

Our capabilities extend to; 

  • Brush-Cut & Poisoning of Dense Weed Areas
  • Chemical or physical termite barriers for new building structures
  • Cut & Paint Methods
  • Knapsack Foliar Spot Spraying
  • Manual Blanket Spraying
  • Manual Weed Removal
  • Moisture & Soil Nutrient Manipulation
  • Mowing & Over Top Spray
  • Onsite Assessment
  • Over-Planting to suffocate or prevent weed growth
  • Pre-Emergence Spraying
  • Preventative Land Management Plans or Early Detection and Intervention Control Programs
  • Re-Seeding
  • Rig Spraying
  • Sensitive Weed Control & Area Management
  • Slashing & Excavation of Problem Areas
  • Stem Injection
  • Stump Poisoning
  • Timber Felling
  • Tractor/ATV Boom Spraying Services
  • Weed Matting & Revegetation
  • Wick Wiper Application
  • Woody Weed Poisoning or Removal


We have the ability and resources to tackle herbicide application and spraying for commercial properties, Councils, parks in Victoria and farming sectors of the market.

Melbourne Turf and Landscapes can singularly spray for you or include our other services to complete the total experience.

If you would like to learn more or get a quote, contact us to discuss your needs.