Commercial / Industrial Services

Now more than ever the appearance of your commercial property is an important factor in how your clients perceive your business. The challenge of keeping your business looking stunning all year round can be expensive and significantly complicated, not to mention the OH&S issue of not keeping areas clean and tidy.

When you factor in waste removal, best practice, up skilling staff, overheads and having flexible capacity, it makes more sense to outsource your Commercial and Industrial Grounds Maintenance Services. 

Melbourne Turf and Landscapes have the expertise, along with a strong presence in this field and have been providing this service for companies including; 

  • KRAFT (Vegemite Factory)
  • Linfox
  • Harry the Hirer
  • McDonalds Restaurants
  • Holcim Australia
  • Donvale Christian College


You can solve your Grounds Maintenance Program issues, through one of our programs.  We can add capability and capacity for timed jobs, right through to full scale permanent contract roles for your company. 

Areas of Services we can partner with you include; 

  • Broad acre lawn mowing
  • Collection and removal of leaf and garden litter
  • Cultivating, improving and aerating soil
  • Fertilizing, mulching and improving plant health
  • Garden clean up and rubbish removal
  • Garden restoration
  • Hedging, pruning and trimming plants
  • Lawn mowing, edging and blowing
  • Pest and disease control
  • Replacing plants
  • Weed control, etc. 


The key advantages to outsourcing Commercial and Industrial Grounds Maintenance Programs are that they allow you scalability, skills expansion, cost efficiencies and the accountabilities of contracting.

To discuss how Melbourne Turf and Landscapes can create a program for your company, contact us today and be sure to ask about our Price Guarantee.